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Sea Shell Marine have very wide experience in operations on the marine industry, offshore operations, tugs, barges, marine construction crane barges . we can provide marine consultancy service, marine survey and ship classifications, dry docking, various flags registrations, ship repairs, pleasure boat survey and registrations. marine supply in dubai, marine safety equipments, marine safety supplies and products, ship provision sharjah, ship suppliers uae, ship stores sharjah, marine values uae, marine safety products, boat accessories, safety equipment suppliers dubai


Marine Safety Supplies and Safety Equipment

Marine Safety Equipment and Suppliers
If you want a safe cruise with your ship or boat on fresh or salt water, you will need some safety equipment from Seashell Marine. We have all ranges and sizes of safety equipment for all sizes of vessels and boats; this is from life jacket for adults, life rafts to ensure the safety of all the passenger onboard in case of an accident. Also, marine emergency equipment, marine safety kit and marine safety supplies company are available at or Shop in Sharjah or Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Marine Lifejackets & Ship Buoyancy Aids
It's essential you have your lifejacket on when you are going out of the ship, and this is just to help you maintain buoyancy in case of any accident. Our inflatable life jackets are that which you can trust. We also have ocean safety and crew saver and much more. We also have various security light and lines, for total protection when you are out there in the sea, contact us for safety equipment suppliers. • Rescue Knife with Hook This is very sharp knives with blunt tips. This is the right knife o use when you are onboard. Their cutting edge is serrated to cut through any rope. This is perfect to cut ropes, sail, kite lines and webbing. • Crewsaver Crewfit Junior Lifejacket The Crewsaver Crewfit has a 3d design helping to ensure your kids, and young ones are safe onboard. The design offers advanced performance than any life jacket available today. Features: . There is a window showing the status of the inflator . Special design to keep your airway out of water no matter the condition . The side waist adjuster makes it very easy to be adjusted . They have an outer cover for durability
Marine Safety Products - Stock your Vessel or Ship - Signalling
It ensures total safety onboard; we have to stock the vessel with various signaling tools to increase peace of mind and security when you are offshore. There are signal flares, balls, radar reflector and horn. Just make sure you are prepared for an emergency with our various marine signaling tools. • Ecoblast Metal Air Horn and Pump All you need to do is to pump air for up to 80 blasts. You will not need to refill after.
Man Overboard Equipment from Seashell Ship Stores Company in Sharjah, Dubai, UAE
We are not expecting the worst onboard. Preparing In the case of disaster is necessary near Sharjah or Dubai, UAE. There are various Seago, life craft, Crew saver, ship chandlier company uae and Ocean Safety; Also do all diligence to ensure that you life craft is equipped with all necessary equipment. We also have horseshoes and marine recovery devices to evacuate your crew in case of any accident or disaster. Below are various overboard equipment to have on your vessels; • Seago Sea Cruiser Life rafts This high specification and competitively priced life raft.  The Sea Cruiser allows 4 to 6 persons on it.  They are made from water proof nylon.  This is used offshore or for fishing
Emergency Equipment at Seashell Ship Stores Company in United Arab Emirates
The emergency equipment should be made available in case of an accident in the sea or near the port. This may be an emergency grab bag that is used when you need to evacuate your boat as soon as possible. You stand the best chance of being rescued from your boat when you fall overboard. This will make your crew find the way save you immediately. • Ocean Signal RescueMe MOB1 AIS/DSC Beacon This helps you transmit alert to a location in the sea. This equipment has life jacket integrated. This can determine accurate positioning. • Ocean Safety Horseshoe Only This horseshoe lifebuoy has high durability and flexibility. This has a visible zip at the side. • McMurdo FastFind GPS PLB This is a potential life saver. No matter how remote the location is, you will be located. This should be carried in your boat in case any fatal accident happens during your cruise. Features:  This equipment has a protected antenna  You don’t need to subscribe, and you won’t be charged for your call
Quality Marine Fire & Gas Safety
You should have a fire station and fire section on your ship. There are fire detector and extinguisher for several emergency situations. The fire extinguisher is always situated in the machine part of the ship where there is a possibility of fire. The automatic fire extinguisher automatically discharges when the temperature reaches 75 degrees. • Fireblitz Auto Fire Extinguisher This is a form of fire extinguisher that automatically discharges when the environment temperature reaches 75degree Celsius.  This extinguisher is safe for use on electrical appliances  This is suitable for class C and B fire  You can mount it at any angle horizontally • Pilot Gas Alarm - Twin Detector This is just a piece of equipment that should be installed on all ships. Gas leakage can be so deleterious. This alarm has two type of detector that can identify propane and butane level before they exceed the point they can’t be controlled so contact us at Seashell Ship Stores Company in the United Arab Emirates
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Sea Shell Marine is the Marine Safety Supplies, Ship Supply in Sharjah, Dubai, UAE. Best Ship Chandelier Suppliers company Dubai, Sharjah. Marine Safety Products and Ship and Marine Stores in UAE. Sea Shell Marine Services through its leading International Principals & manufacturers, supply on exclusive basis highest quality of Personal and Protective Safety Equipments, Explosion Proof lighting, Traffic Safety. Marine Safety Equipment, Life Raft, Ship Stores in Sharjah, UAE Marine Safety Equipment, Life Raft, Ship Stores in Sharjah, UAE. We are a dedicated team of Marine Professionals committed to maintain high standards of quality throughout our range of services and have systems of control which meet the requirements of our clients. Marine Spareparts and Safety Equipments. The Company's objective is to fully satisfy our customers by providing them with services of the highest quality, to the best of our ability, at a fair and reasonable cost.